Channel 4 - The Mill Series Two

The film set of The Mill Series Two showing looms in situ

It is not commonly known that Masson Mills has supplied many of the props for the widely acclaimed Series of The Mill (Channel 4). Series Two is about to hit our screens this summer, so it’s a good time to look out again for all those authentic historic mill relics.

Channel 4 discovered the treasure trove of mill artefacts in the basement of Masson Mills last year and were able to make their choice of props from the hundreds of unique items, some being the last surviving examples. The end result was an evocative and realistic backdrop against which Series One of this powerful drama was set.

The Mill is based on the lives of real people, Series One telling the story of young 19th-century apprentices taking their lives into their own hands for the first time. Much of the filming for Series One took place at Quarry Bank Mill.

Series Two of The Mill will cover the period between 1838 to 1842 and focus on a time of significant political change following the Poor Act Amendment of 1834 which made a distinction between “deserving” and “undeserving” poor. This is the time of the great chartist rallies and the birth of modern democracy with the movement for the right for working class people to vote sweeping across the country. Series Two of The Mill will build on the success of Series One, starting as the effects of the new poor law amendment bite and ending with the famous Plug Riots.

The show will once again be spearheaded by BAFTA award winning writer, John Fay.

Masson Mills’ owner, who was recently invited to watch the filming for Series Two, commented, “Prop hire for film and television has given an exciting new life to parts of the Masson Mills’ collection that the public don’t otherwise see. It was a very emotional experience seeing all the Masson items come to life in the filming of The Mill. I am delighted that all the bits and bobs I have collected over five decades have in some small way helped to create this truly evocative atmosphere. I for one can’t wait to see it on the television”.

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